Sunday, December 22, 2013

Life Lessons from Dogs

Plato considered dogs to be philosophers, and I consider them to be teachers. We make the mistake of accepting the fact that we are the ones who teach dogs tricks, but they have something more valuable to teach us - they teach us about life and how we should go about life.

Take any dog you see, watch how they act around people, their environment, and even towards fellow dogs. Whether you want to admit it or not, you want to be like a dog. Carefree, living without a worry in the world, and always happy.

But I did mention something about what dogs teach us.

Dogs teach us the value of unconditional love. They don't care if you are a beggar who lives in a box outside a dirty alley or a common criminal. Dogs love with all their hearts. They don't choose who to love. They just do. They know how to reciprocate what's being given to them a hundred times over, which makes them very affectionate, very sweet, and very caring. You don't realize it, but your dog goes berserk every time you are gone from their sight. They suffer from separation anxiety because time for them is really fast. If you were gone for an hour, that's the equivalent of being gone for an entire day for a dog. When they see you again, it's like everything in the world is perfect.

Dogs teach us about the value of living in the moment. Your dog does not sulk for days on end if it does something wrong and you punish them for it. Your dog does not hold grudges against you if you take away its toy. No. They are beings who live in the moment, which makes them happier than any human being. Take the time to watch your dog even if it's just for a couple of minutes. Every now and then, it will wag its tail or flash you a smile. That's how happy they are. This may be due to the fact that they have a shorter life span but they value happiness and the people that give them happiness. To humans, a walk around the park may be common or not exciting, but for dogs, it's like winning a bazillion dollars in the Lottery ten times over.

Dogs teach us about family. You may not realize it but to dogs, their owner/s is their only world. They are family and because they know unconditional love and how to love. They will do anything to protect their family. Dogs are territorial, no matter what kind of breed they are. They will give their lives to save the people around them. No I am not talking about Lassie or Ol' Yeller, but I am talking about the dogs that have made it to the news by giving their lives so others may live. Don't take their size for granted either because even the smallest dog can take on a 400lb bear to save human beings.

Dogs may be smelly, troublesome, or even annoying to the extent of you wanting to rip off their vocal chords, but they are best damned teachers that life has to offer.

Before I leave, I live you with a very inspiring short story

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Modern Day Love Story – Tales of Woe, Pain, and Some Sex in Between

I grew up in a generation where courting was a big deal and done properly in order to win the affection and heart of the opposite sex. As I delve into another generation, mainly because I took the leap of faith and pursued a new path in my educational life, I have become a victim of culture shock, or rather, a victim of ignorance as to how relationships are made in this day and age.

I’ve had my fair share of bad romances and failed love stories, but no way in hell compares to the tragedies of the modern day love stories.

Tale #1 – ROUND 1. READY FIGHT! 

Dysfunctional relationships are IN, and I do refer to it as a trend or a fad. Some would call it a BAD relationship or some would call it a MISTAKE. I prefer the more honest term, DYSFUNCTION. This is the tale of John and Jane, two college sweethearts going out for months now. John is like your modern day Adonis and Jane, your modern day Audrey Hepburn. From the outside, one might think that they are a match made in heaven. What you don’t see behind the spotlight is the dysfunction. John and Jane spend so much time fighting and so much time arguing that it’s still a miracle that they are together. Most people would consider it sweet that a boy and a girl have conflicting ideas and they think it’s cute when they are in a relationship, but this goes beyond HEALTHY. Jane would fret about how John spends so much time with his friends and John would go ballistic over Jane’s numerous boy friends, even the gay ones. Of course, this is only a piece of the puzzle that is their dysfunction. You would probably see John and Jane make the smallest argument sound like it’s World War 2. The sad part is that they are still together. Are they together because they don’t want to disappoint society’s expectation of them as the perfect couple? Or are they together because despite all the arguments, there still lays a faint and shining glimmer of love and affection.

Tale #2 – Partner is a douchebag.

This tale applies to both men and women, and in this case, I would gladly go over the tale of Rick and Rachelle. Rick is your typical jock; dim-witted, popular, and charismatic. Rachelle is your girl next door; sweet, kind, and every adjective synonymous to NICE. They are in a relationship and they are going strong, or so one might think. Rick is a douchebag, always hurting Rachelle in every way possible except physical harm. Rick forgets their anniversary, doesn’t give her gifts, and even makes a big deal of fetching her from school. Rachelle turns a blind eye to her partner’s douchebaggery because it’s a compromise. This is a common love story that I have noticed throughout my entire existence, and sometimes, it’s not even the guys who do this. Some girls are also prone to doing malicious douchebaggeries towards their partner. Why are they still together? Is it because the victim feels like he or she will lose her identity or personality when the partner is gone? Or is it there love in between? Or is there a possibility that underneath the callous skin of the douchebag lays the heart of a romantic?

Tale #3 – Partners are accessories.

It’s sad to say that this dysfunction goes beyond the current generation, simply because it was also prevalent in the generation of our fathers and mothers. Relationships based on the desire to turn a person into a human accessory is common, and by human accessory, I would have to think somewhere along the lines of a real life adult recreational sex toy, complete with moving parts and emotions. Enter the tale of Mike and Mona. Mike and Mona have been married for a year and have been a couple for 9 years. Surprisingly, it has come to a point where Mike has lost all form of emotions and feelings towards his partner and treats her like an accessory. Most of the time, there would abuse; verbal, sexual, and physical. Mona can’t do anything because she believes that Mike will turn into the sweetheart she once knew and loved. This scenario is not common between married couples, but can be seen in relationships that come out of nowhere: guy gets girl’s number, they go on a date, and they do the nasty. THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. Soon, the guy or girl becomes bored and treats their partner like a labradoodle or a toy dog. Tell tale signs of this relationship often include verbal and emotional abuse, where the victim still hangs on to that faint glimmer of hope that the partner will revert back to their sweet and cuddly state. Of course, this is like giving food to a Mogwai after 12 midnight. 

Shakespeare would probably roll over his grave if he were able to catch a glimpse of how love stories are made these days.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mastering Google: Google Penguin Reverse Engineered

So, Josh from SENUKE, created another episode of Mastering Google and this time, it focuses on the recent Google Penguin algorithm and the sites that were affected by the sudden changes.

In the video, he will show you how Google Penguin works and how it will affect your site in the near possible future.

Go to Josh's blog for more info.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Avengers Assemble

My turn to rant about the Avengers...
The entire Avengers team in a nutshell, or at least those who had the chance to join the program once. 


First off, you have to understand that I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics, so it is quite difficult for me to appreciate what Hollywood has done to the superheroes I grew up with.

From a cinematic point of view, Jos Whedon deserves all the credit that he can get for integrating and creating an intricate storyline of the different Marvel/Hollywood movies. The script was written very well in the movie, as well as some pop-culture references and some epic one-liners. It was clear that Joss Whedon's ability to create comical dialogues is still as sharp and witty as ever.

Apart from that, there really was nothing special about the movie, for a couple of reasons.

First, there was just so much lore rape happening before the movie even came out, that it was just too disappointing to look forward to anything relevant in the comics.It was hard for me to appreciate the entire movie simply because I am a Marvel fan-boy.

Second, the CGI and special effects were not that eye-catching or spectacular. A few explosions here and there, some wonderful CGI transitions, and so on. I wonder what would have happened if Michael Bay had his hand on the movie....

Third, I hate the Avengers because they are the most idiotic superhero group ever assembled in comic book history. They have started a lot of shit that went bat-shit crazy like:

- cloning Spider-Man (and ruining his life, but still managed to recruit the guy).
- helping Bruce Banner with the cure for the Hulk after trying to chase him down.
- hunting down Bruce Banner after the cure failed, which lead to a permanent transformation of Hulk and then he went insane. They captured him and sent him off to the moon.
- Tony Stark was a firm supporter of the Superhero Registration Act (the successor of the Mutant Registration Act created by the late Senator Kelly), and this lead to the Marvel Civil Wars. Again, Avengers were right behind the Congressional bill (except for Captain America). The Captain recruited a lot of superheroes and mutants that were against the act, while Iron Man rallied another group which supported the act.
- The Avengers was the last resort of every superhero who came from disbanded groups like X-Factor, X-Force, Excalibur, etc...
- A lot of superheroes who served under the Avengers program died, like Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, Vision, Doctor Druid and Scarlet Witch.

Then again, Marvel is a complicated asshole who likes to tweak its entire history, so I cannot confirm how the modern storyline of its entire series goes.

TL:DR version:

1.) Avengers is great all in all.
2.) You will be disappointed if you are a comic book fan.
3.) Do not expect a lot from the movie.


1.) Captain America DIES because of the Civil Wars.
2.) The Hulk is now a permanent transformation, so Bruce Banner no longer exists PHYSICALLY. The only thing that came out good in the transformation is that Banner's intelligence and common sense were retained, so Hulk became civilized and smart. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Troll, I Love, I Laugh: For Guys: Friend-zone is where You Want to Be

I Troll, I Love, I Laugh: For Guys: Friend-zone is where You Want to Be: For Guys: Friend-zone is where You Want to Be This afternoon, I had a very interesting discussion with one of my college friends. She recen...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Guys: Friend-zone is where You Want to Be

For Guys: Friend-zone is where You Want to Be

This afternoon, I had a very interesting discussion with one of my college friends. She recently friendzone’d a guy, and I found it quite funny because a lot of guys despise the friend zone.
But, what is the friend zone? See epic picture below:

I keed I keed, but the friend-zone is somewhere close or borderlines that definition. In other words, you are a non-intimate entity in the eyes of someone you love. Anybody can become a victim of the friend-zone, but it mostly happens to guys and rarely happens to girls. I can’t comment on the third gender, so I’ll leave it at that.

Most guys hate it when girls say that “I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I like the way we are right now”. It’s actually rare for a guy to appreciate that he is being friend-zoned. Let’s read along the lines of the things girls say when they friend-zone a guy. 

1.) I don’t want to be more than friends. I like the way we are now. – You are her friend, her companion, and she sees you as someone who doesn’t show a slight interest in anything past romance and intimacy. Girls actually want to be with someone who can be their friend at any time, and this applies to potential partners. If she wants to be more than friends, she will look to you as her best friend. 

2.) But you’re my best friend and I don’t like to complicate things between us. This is actually true and sincere because girls are more sensitive about losing a friend than guys. If a girl refers to you as her best friend, and you become her boyfriend, she is afraid of losing two important people in her life: her boyfriend and her best friend. 

3.) I wish I could love you the way you love me. Guys who are in the friend-zone never last long enough to be appreciated at this level, simply because they grow too tired of waiting. In reality, when a girl is confronted with an admission of love from a guy, or her best friend, she is automatically in a state of crisis because of reason #2. However, just because you are in the friend-zone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to make her fall for you, or give her a reason to make her love you. If guys were actually patient enough, they’d be able to see this magical moment.

But why should a guy be in the friend-zone? I will tell you why! 

Girls are not looking for a sexual partner. They are looking for someone who are able to relate to them on another level. When you enter the friend-zone, you become attuned to the person’s interest and way of thought and actions. You will be able to know her on a more sincere and deeper level, and you are the only one who can see this. You will be able to love her more because you know what it takes to make her happy and how you can keep her with you at all times. 

The friend-zone is also a state of compromise that goes beyond any normal relationship or friendship. There is a mutual bond formed between a guy and a girl because a girl is subconsciously happy that someone loves her for her, and the guy is happy that he is with the woman she loves.

For girls: if you keep complaining about how are not able to find the perfect guy, maybe you should look back at the friend-zone. Someone, somewhere still loves you for you and he will always be there for you.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Warrior Fights its Way Past CGI

You don't need to make use of CGI's and special effects to make a good movie.

This is proven by a couple of movies such as Fireproof, The Hurt Locker and Warrior.

Released in the late 2011, Warrior focuses on the story of 2 brothers, each fighting for their own reasons; one fights for country and one fights for family. Tommy Reardon (Tom Hardy) and Brandon Conlon (Jeff Edgerton) are on a collision course in a winner take all tournament as they both make their way through the toughest fighters in the USA to achieve their individual goals.

Tom Hardy as Tommy Conlon

Warrior also breaks the tradition of standard mixed martial arts movies (Never Back Down 1 and 2, Undisputed trilogy) by centering on the human emotions and goals that drive each individual fighter. What really sets this movie apart is that it takes you in from the first scene and doesn't let go. The fight scenes are similar to the ones you see in UFC and Strikeforce. Amir Perets, renowned Krav Maga and self defense instructor, makes a cameo as well as choreograph some of the fight scenes.

Amir Perets is the guy in blue

Nick Nolte provides more depth into the movie by playing as the father of Tommy and Brandon, desperately trying to seek forgiveness from his two sons.

Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte and Jeff Edgerton have done an amazing job into making this mixed martial arts movie into a movie which everyone can appreciate and relate to.

This has got to be one of the best movies in 2011 and I would be surprised if this movie does not get any Oscars or rake in some awards.